Annick Sanders

Renovation and extension of house DP in Bruges


The family-home became available and needed a new use for the future residents.

The challenge was to rebuild the house with 3 large bedrooms into:

  • A complete residence over the entire ground-floor with 2 bedrooms. No stairs for the residents of the ground-floor. To refocus the living places that were now located on the north side, to the sunny side without radically changing the facade. The beautiful facade would be restored to its charming state.
  • The look of the extension-building has to be modern in contrast with the traditional building. The entrance and the living-room were changed places. A modern glass-facade was built against for the kitchen and 2 bedrooms.
  • The old bedrooms on the first floor were rebuilt into 2 student-rooms with private bathroom and shared kitchen. There was enough place above, the work was restricted to remediation work.
  • The techniques were to be energy-efficient. Thoroughly after-isolation was needed.


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