Annick Sanders

House DH in Jabbeke


Natural light and transparency are the focus for this project.

Light is life and affects our state of mind. It constantly changes throughout the day and helps to regulate our biorhythm.

It was the wish of the client to live in an open house in which a large amount of natural light enters into the building.

The concept determines how the light falls within. Through a well-studied interplay between roof-windows, lofts, glass railings, windows inside and outside, the staircase was designed as a guide for the light which enters the house from the roof to the living rooms downstairs. As the light changes during the day, this dynamic is a natural experience.

The implantation of the windows (front and back in the same line) and the details (no frame) enhances the natural light and transparency through the house from inside to outside.

Energy-efficiency and comfort is also important. The house is fully equipped with floor-heating. There is a condensing gas-boiler. The solar water-heater with solar panels provides the sanitary hot water.

To prevent over-heating there are solar screens on the south-side.


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