Annick Sanders

Country house DV in Aartrijke


Simplicity and elegance are the focus for this project. Abandoned farmhouse with outbuildings came available.

It was the wish of the client to rebuild this house into an energy-efficient house with modern interior design in a classic facade.

Energy efficient is primarily an energy-efficient design that takes advantage of its surroundings.

The orientation south includes the living spaces with many windows as open facade. By canopies and glass choice with custom sun factor is overheating prevented.

The orientation north includes the entrance, technical areas, storerooms with facade closed. The living spaces are designed as an open space and thus offers the advantage of optimal heat distribution and offers the possibility of remote views of three sides of the building at the same time. From the kitchen you can see the meadows, the barn and the entrance.

A high-performance insulation and air-tight connection details were carried out with the greatest care. A blower door-test was conducted resulting in particular low- drain- flow- rate of 2.

A heat pump air-water is sufficient for the limited heat demand for heating and domestic hot water.

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