Annick Sanders

Classic house VH in Jabbeke


Beauty and natural charm are most important in this project.

The current increased awareness to live naturally translates into this house in a durable and energy efficient construction method.

The house is built in solid wood wrapped in a façade of bricks.

Solid wood construction represents a natural and light structure with excellent thermal insulation and high comfort… never a cold feeling.

The technology in this house is low-energy and strives for minimal fuel consumption and maximum energy development. The heat pump with floor-heating is controlled individually for each room.

Solid wood construction guarantees also a short construction period. The structure was immediately painted in shades of white and gray in combination with natural wood.

The interior design and color choice was worked out under the driving force of the customer into a charming house.

On approaching the house, the outside kitchen immediately catches the eye. The monumental chandelier, a dazzling ring of many antlers typifies the atmosphere of this house. Living here is every day vacation.

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