Annick Sanders

Annick Sanders is an architect who brings together the respect of the heritage with the willingness to innovate. The result is surprising and harmonious spaces in which living is a joy.

The search for the optimal natural light input is a motive in each project.

The transparency from interior to exterior is the starting point for each implantation.

Authenticity is the basis for every material choice.


Our activities convers all studies to build or renovate houses, apartments or commercial buildings.

We guarantee a full service throughout the whole building project. We can offer a full package in which we take over all your building concerns. We guide you through the complete building-process and we take care of the full coordination and follow up.

For the different aspects of our assignment we can offer you the following services:

During this first free presentation we discuss your wishes and explain our services. On the basis of previous projects we show the possibilities of your project. A visit to our buildings is always possible. We can also be useful as an adviser before purchasing a home or land, we see things in another way, things you don’t think about.
Your wishes are integrated in a construction program and this is checked versus the urban prescriptions and your available budget. A first design in which your ideas are integrated will be drawn in a 3D simulation where your project will come to live. A detailed price calculation is made up.
Based on the different designs we work out a final design. The choice of materials is made and the design becomes a construction plan taking into account all regulations and applicable norms. The project is worked out into an administrative construction file. The EPB calculations are made.
The final plan is translated into a technical construction file, in which all technical studies, such as ground analysis, stability, EPB, and technics, are integrated. Construction details are drawn up and every item is calculated and described so that a precise request for quotation can be send to possible contractors. This will be the basis for their quotations.
Asking for quotations and compare is the next step. We can supply you with a list of selected high performers. We make the comparing quotes and advise you in your choice. After your decision we make the contracts with the different contractors. We make a detailed planning of the work that has to be done. This detailed planning is part of the contract. We check the invoicing and archive what will be needed for the EPB declaration.
During the construction we are weekly visiting the construction works to give the contractor the necessary support. We do not limit ourselves to the legal control task but try to prevent construction problems. A good communication between contractor, architect and client is of the utmost importance. At the end the work is completed with the EPB-declaration and an extent post-intervention-file.

The architects Annick Sanders are a modern cooperation where different partners work together to perform a qualitative service. That way and by permanent retraining, we can propose the best solutions for our clients.

Design, stability, technics, safety-coordination, studies of energy consumption, all brought together to one team in which the architect is the direct interlocutor for the client.